Meow, dude. Meow. “Paper Cat”, the much anticipated release from Adulture & OCD Automatic, is here! It dropped at the end of July and has been making great headway not only on TTLab & Beatport’s charts, but it also has garnered quite a bit of buzz/press from the likes of, RCRD LBL, & Fool’s Gold Records’ Le Blog.

What does that mean? It means that these two former roommates brought it. Everything about this release says disco house revival; from the synth to the beat to the very poignant “Yeahhh” — These guys are a production/collaboration powerhouse; nothing more, nothing less.

So have a quick listen to the original off of OCD Automatic’s SoundCloud below, and let the Paper Cat fever start to take over!

Plus, beyond the original, the full release, which can be bought on iTunesBeatport, or TTLab, includes remixes by Sammy Bananas (who brings some nasty sax to the party), Bit Funk (who brings a slowed down groove to the track), & The Phantom’s Revenge (who brings his trademark dance floor ready style & beat to the already bumping original).

So do it; give the original a listen above, grab a copy from iTunesBeatport, or TTLab, and let Paper Cat fever set in!

Bonus Round!
Free Magic, a NYC Discovery Party man, DJ, and producer has a delicious remix of “Paper Cat” up for your listening and downloading pleasure on his SoundCloud. Peep the remix below:


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